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07.03.2018 0

Starlinger: Admission to the World Market Leader Index of the University of St. Gallen

Who is really a hidden champion or world market leader? This question is answered by
the World Market Leader Index of the University of St. Gallen, which lists companies from
Germany, Austria, and Switzerland who are the best suppliers in a particular field.
For quite a long time, Austria-based Starlinger & Co. GmbH has occupied a leading
position on the world market, and this accomplishment has now been confirmed from an
official, academic point of view. As per end of January, the company was admitted to the

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07.02.2018 0

First of two Starlinger recycling lines equipped with odor reduction technology put into operation at Avangard Innovative

Following the installation of the first of two recycling lines type recoSTAR dynamic 165 C-VAC in Houston, Texas, Avangard Innovative LP is now ready to start processing of post-consumer film at its new recycling plant. Depending on filtration fineness, the line achieves an output of up to 3,300lb/hr. To ensure that the regranulate not only performs but smells like virgin material, both lines are equipped with Starlinger’s odour reduction technology High paper content as a challenge

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15.11.2017 0

Starlinger launches new recycling hq

The division recycling technology of the Austrian company Starlinger & Co. GmbH has firmly established itself on the market over the past 30 years. Until recently, the division was operating from the head office in Vienna as well as from the Starlinger factory in Weissenbach. The construction of a separate additional building started one and a half years ago; in summer, everyone from sales to engineering moved into the new recycling headquarters in Weissenbach. The physical proximity of the departments will facilitate internal communication and speed up processes.

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24.05.2017 0

Lowest production cost per square meter with new 8-shuttle circular loom

Starlinger’s FX 8.0 circular loom for the production of heavy-duty tape fabric ranks among the leading models on the market: with 850 picks per minute it is more than 30 % faster than comparable circular looms, and it has the lowest production cost per square meter of fabric. Being the latest development in the FX loom series from Starlinger, the FX 8.0 operates with eight weaving shuttles and features a newly constructed reed.

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30.03.2017 0

Starlinger AD STAR considered being the cement sack of the Chinese future

The Starlinger AD STAR block bottom valve sack is safe and sustainable packaging for bulk goods. These sacks have low greenhouse potential, acidification potential, ozone depletion potential and energy and water consumption levels making them eco-friendly. Hermann Adrigan, sales director of Starlinger commented that changing over to AD Star sack for cement packaging would be of special interest to China.  

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