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Sealed Air

25.08.2016 0

Charlotte workforce likely to be nearly 1400

Sealed Air offered more than 90% of their employees who were invited to move to Charlotte to their USD 58 million campus. The company expects that about half of their employees made relocation offers would agree to move to a new campus in Charlotte, NC.


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14.07.2016 0

Sealed Air closes facility

According to reports, Sealed Air is closing its facility in Greenville, South Carolina. This moves results in the layoff or transfer of all 60+ people who work there.

The closing is part of the company's announcement from 2014 that it was relocating from New Jersey to Charlotte. The Greenville facility houses the company’s customer service organization.

In total, Sealed Air is moving more than 1200 positions to Charlotte.

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27.05.2016 0

Sealed Air invests in Esko Equinox

Sealed Air (SEE) is the latest forward-thinking operation to invest in Esko Equinox to streamline its print production process to enhance its business offering.

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