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K 2016

21.10.2016 0

Erema presents Recycling 4.0

At the K expo Erema presents Careformance, the first smart factory package in the plastics recycling industry. This technical solution enables the digital integration of recycling processes in the ongoing production process, the global interconnection of entire plant locations and, last but not least, documented quality of the recyclates at the press of a button. In combination with the new webshop for spare parts – Spare Parts Online – the business model of recycling has never been so smart.

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13.10.2016 0

Erhardt + Leimer displays Ultra-HD print image monitoring at the K

At the K Erhardt+Leimer presents the print image monitoring system ELSCAN OMS 6 and the new actuating drive AG 9. The new print image monitoring system ELSCAN OMS6 contains two 12 megapixel cameras, which ensures high image quality in Ultra-HD (4x HD). Thanks to the maintenance and wear-free fixed focus lenses, it can be zoomed without delay. The short flash times of the extremely durable LED flash permit web speeds of up to 1200 m/min.

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07.07.2016 0

Erema launches the smart factory package Careformance for both recyclers and producers

During a press conference held in June in Düsseldorf, Erema gave insight into their plans for K 2016. With Careformance the company believes to be all set to herald the age of Recycling 4.0.

Erema will be recycling the plastic waste of the K show on site at the Careformance Recycling Centre in the outdoor area of the trade fair, with machine, quality and process data being transferred in real time to Erema's booth.

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08.10.2015 0

Plastics shape the future - special show at K 2016

During K 2016 in Düsseldorf from 19 to 26 October, the special show "Plastics shape the future" will highlight the developments that are already taking shape and the visions that may become reality tomorrow. With reference to examples, the show demonstrates to what extent plastics are making their mark on modern living spaces – functionally, aesthetically and sustainably. Attention is also devoted to economic and environmental matters, and even problematical issues like marine litter, for example, will be addressed.

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