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03.08.2017 0

Lightweight gravure printing sleeves for short runs

In general, package printing is a healthy and prospering industry. However, the market share of gravure printing isn’t growing as fast as flexo or even offset or digital. In some markets, it’s even shrinking since flexo had made, in part, giant leaps forward in terms of printing quality, efficiency, and cost reduction. While gravure is still considered a printing process with the best printing quality and repeatability, it struggles with shorter run lengths of printing jobs and requires rapid turnaround times. In some cases, gravure is simply not the economical choice.

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08.06.2017 0

Uflex achieves low ink GSM by modifying and optimizing rotogravure cell structures

Uflex Limited after an intense R&D of almost three years has been able to optimize cell structures of laser engraved rotogravure cylinders to an extent that can actually result in about 20-25% less ink consumption than what the electro-mechanically engraved counterpart would require in order to render the same image resolution and enhancement. (In fact the printing output by a laser engraved cylinder is much enhanced and high definition compared to printing by an electro-mechanically engraved cylinder.)

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04.05.2017 0

Technology forum at Bobst Italia

An open house event is going to take place in San Giorgio Monferrato, Italy that will be hosted in the competence center made for web-fed gravure and coating technologies.

This event is going to be first demonstration of the latest gravure platform of BOBSTs that will be unveiled at drupe 2016 as the gravure industry is rapidly keeping pace with global changes in consumer behaviours.


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20.04.2017 0

Saueressig GmbH develops control software

Saueressig GmbH developed new software known as the cLynx.print. This software calculates possible surface production errors on cylinders and differentiates between material, contamination and actual production errors. Stephan Lammers, Global Director Packaging of Saueressig GmbH, said that this in-house production gives them the opportunity to better meet high quality requirement. Due to the new inspections being performed by this machine, shipping and checking of printings will no longer be necessary.  

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