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10.01.2018 0

Flint Group launches new rotec ULW Bridge

With increasing demand in the printing industry for equipment that enables more frequent and faster job changes on press, Flint Group officially launches the new rotec ULW Bridge to join the lightweight family of sleeves and adapters.

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13.12.2017 0

Chemence Alford receives FlexoExpert certification

During a six-month process consisting of three main steps – evaluation, implementation and training,  then auditing – the FlexoExpert Certification Programme provides the means by which plate makers can further optimise their workflow to make more reliable and consistent plates, time and time again. With the guidance of a Flint Group expert, Chemence UK implemented the programme and passed the final audit to earn the honour of the FlexoExpert. In so doing they became the first site within the Chemence Group, to receive FlexoExpert certification.

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06.12.2017 0

Flint Group Acquires Eston Chimica

Flint Group acquired Eston Chimica SRL located in Padova, Italy. This acquisition follows Flint Group’s strategy to grow not only organically, but also through tactical acquisition.

Eston Chimica manufactures and sells water-based inks for flexo and gravure applications to printers predominantly located in Italy and Southern Europe.  The company supports key Paper & Board applications, such as corrugated, shopping bags, paper bags, and various other water-based print jobs.  Eston Chimica is located in northern Italy, near Venice, and employs 32 people.

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18.10.2017 0

Cyber Graphics Receives FlexoExpert Certification


Memphis, TN-based Cyber Graphics, LLC has recently received a FlexoExpert Certification after participating in a program by Flint Group. 

The process consists of three main steps – evaluation and training, implementation and audit. The company states that the certification is a testament to their commitment to the advancement of flexography overall. 

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18.10.2017 0

Gravure printing with water based inks

Uteco, BASF and FLINT, along with an important converter, formed a working team for the development of water based inks for them to be able to offer to their customers top level solutions for rotogravure printing. 

The first tests gave positive results. They were also able to introduce some improvements during the second stage including optimization of cylinders’ engraving, optimization of the drying system, optimization of machine parameters, resins and ink improvement, and new software and hardware of ESA system. 

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