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28.06.2017 0

Foxpack invests big in digital printing

Irish printer  Foxpak signed for an HP Indigo 20000. According to managing director Paul Young the new digital printing press will help expand their customer base and will more than double their capacity.


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08.06.2017 0

The Future of Digital Print for Packaging to 2022

By 2022 the rapidly expanding digital packaging market will grow by almost 13% CAGR to reach $22.4 billion.In 2017 the fast growing digital packaging market will amount to some $12.8 billion sales, which is 3.25% of all printed packaging. By 2022 this will grow by almost 13% CAGR to $22.4 billion, while print volume and tonnage are growing much faster.


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10.05.2017 0

Amcor installs HP Indigo 20000

Switzerland-based flexo packaging supplier Amcor has installed the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press in its facility in Ghent, Belgium.
The company first installed the HP Indigo 20000 in 2015 when they tested it for ink migration, compatibility, and strength. According to Thierry De Schryver, Amcor Ghent Manager, they were pleased with the results.
HP Indigo general manager Alon Bar-Shany says they look forward to the partnership with Amcor as they continue to provide digitally printed packaging.

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27.04.2017 0

ePac to add second plant

ePac announced plans to expand operations into Boulder, Colorado. Building on ePac’s strategy to add ePac locations throughout the US in key markets, Colorado is the company’s second location since opening its first in Middleton, Wisconsin in 2016.
ePac is the only North American company to be built solely on the latest in wide-web digital printing technology which significantly lowers operating costs for short to medium length runs, shortens manufacturing lead time, and enables custom printing.

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20.04.2017 0

Printpack announces investment in digital printing

Printpack announced that it invested in digital printing technology which will enable brand managers to create and produce flexible packaging that can be customized. Karen English, Market Development Manager at Printpack, said that their press allows them to better serve the trend of mass customization in consumer goods and helps their customers stand out on the shelf. She added that the press also offers a cost-effective solution to suit the needs of small to mid-sized manufacturers.  

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