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Constantia Flexibles

06.12.2017 0

Constantia Flexibles produces packaging for more than 75 million chocolate Santa's

Every year, Constantia Flexibles manufactures packaging for more than 50%  of the 150 million chocolate Santa Clauses produced in Germany. With the company’s patented Tepro2  method, they can be unwrapped in one piece without breaking the chocolate. The aluminum foil prevents the migration of printing ink components and other substances from the outside and offers complete protection from the light.

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29.11.2017 0

Constantia Flexibles to expand production capacity at Austrian pharma plant

Constantia Flexibles Group will invest a double-digit million euro amount in the expansion of production capacity at its manufacturing site for pharmaceutical packaging, Constantia Patz, in Austria.
The company will install one double-sided lacquering machine for foils and laminates, as well as one slitting machine operating in a new class 8 cleanroom. The extra capacity is expected to come on stream early 2019.

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13.09.2017 0

Constantia Flexibles invests in film technology at German plant

Constantia Flexibles has recently invested roughly €6 million in new technology at its site in Weiden, Germany. The investment includes installing two blown-film extrusion lines and the integration of an AIOx dual metallizer.

This investment was brought upon by the growing demand for specialty laminates.


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28.06.2017 0

Constantia Flexibles invests in new laminating technology

Constantia Kuban, the Russian subsidiary of Constantia Flexibles, invested in a solvent triplex laminator to commemorate its 12th anniversary and to serve growing demand in the domestic food packaging industry.

With an annual capacity of 60 million meters, the machine can simultaneously glue three rolls of different types of material, using glues with a wide grammage range.

Constantia Flexibles, the world’s fourth largest producer of flexible packaging and labels, has approximately 10,000 employees manufacture tailor-made packaging solutions at 55 sites in 24 countries.

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15.06.2017 0

Coca-Cola Awards Constantia Flexibles with Supplier of the Year and Innovation Awards

Constantia Flexibles won Coca-Cola’s Supplier of the Year in the secondary packaging category while Simply Orange Juice labels won Adel Aujan Award for Outstanding Innovation.

Constantia Flexibles‘ proprietary SpearRC technology, which delivers 100% recyclable pressure sensitive labels, is in line with Coca-Cola’s sustainability initiative. That along with their contribution to enhance label application and quality made them the recipient of the Supplier of the Year award.

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