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18.08.2016 0

Intermat invests in Bobst gravure printing press

Istanbul, Turkey based Intermat Flexible Packaging has invested in a 9 colors gravure printing press from Bobst Rotomec. The Bobst 4003 press is commissioned for the first quarter of 2017. The press is available in web widths from 1250 - 1350 mm and runs at 350 m/min max.  

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04.08.2016 0

Bobst sales go up by 14.4%

The Bobst Group reported a positive first half-year 2016 with sales amounted to CHF 600.4 million for the first six months of 2016, compared to CHF 524.7 million in the previous year. 

EBIT increased by CHF 3.3 million to CHF 18.0 million. The net result reached CHF 9.7 million from CHF 14.8 million in the previous year, when Bobst had a one-time CHF 8.1 million positive tax effect which did not occur in 2016. 

The acquisition of Nuova Gidue (now Bobst Firenze) contributed with CHF 14.9 million, or +2.8%.

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04.08.2016 0

Polivouga purchases BOBST K5000 metallizer

BOBST sold a K5000 2450 vacuum metallizer equipped with BOBST Hawkeye pinhole detector and optical density monitoring system to Portugal based flexible packaging producer Polivouga.

The line will be the first vacuum metallizer to be installed at Polivouga. The Iberian group has traditionally been in the agricultural and flexible packaging film industry. In June 2015 they decided to diversify into BOPP film production with the purchase of a film line and have this year added a second BOPP film line.

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23.06.2016 0

Drupa sales beat Bobst's expectations

The technology presented at the Bobst stand resonated well with visitors to drupa 2016, resulting in sales at the show exceeding both expectations and the total recorded at the company's record breaking drupa four years ago. 

Bobst presented solutions at drupa addressed the concerns visitors expressed regarding how to profitably manufacture when run lengths are constantly reducing and labor costs increasing.

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27.05.2016 0

Bobst launches multiple new lines

At drupa 2016, BOBST is launching MW, a new CI flexo press range dedicated to minimizing waste, and 40SIX, a new, highly automated member of the BOBST SIX range. The two models of the new MW range have been developed to help flexible packaging manufacturers efficiently produce short or long runs respectively. The 40SIX, available in several print widths, offers fully automated tool handling which speeds up makereadies and considerably reduces the need for manual handling.  

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