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13.09.2017 0

SCEA Invests in BOBST Gravure Technology

SCEA has installed a 10-colour BOBST RS 40003MP gravure printing line. The technology is configured for shaftless cylinders, and can accommodate a web width of 1350mm.

The investment was made to not only upgrade the company’s gravure department, but also gain the cost savings and productivity benefits of the latest technology. 

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13.09.2017 0

Covertech Flexible Packaging Invests in New Technology

Toronto-based flexible packaging manufacturer, Covertech Flexible Packaging, has recently started to install their new BOBST 20SIX Flex-Press. The machine is a 10-color, 65” flexo-press with repeat lengths which go from 14.2 to 47.2 inches.

The investment was made to increase the company’s capacity and efficiency. 

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30.08.2017 0

Treofan Installs Wide Web BOBST Metallizer in Mexico Plant

In its move to invest heavily in the latest technology, Treofan has recently replaced their old metallizers with a new wide web BOBST metallizer in their Mexico plant. The machine, BOBST K5000 3650mm, is equipped with the latest technology to improve high output and reduce cost.

The purchase was made in line with Treofan’s growth strategy in the Americas in its aim to position themselves as on of the leading suppliers of high performance BOPP in the region.



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03.08.2017 0

Bobst more than doubled results

Bobst Group recorded a very good first half-year in 2017. Sales amounted to CHF 643.2 million for the first six months of 2017, compared to CHF 600.4 million in the previous year. During the first half of 2017, consolidated sales amounted to CHF 643.2 million, representing an increase of CHF 42.8 million, or +7.1%, compared with the same period in 2016. This evolution was mainly driven by an overall good level of activity in all three Business Units and a slow start of Business Unit Web-fed in 2016. Volume and price variances had a positive impact of CHF 48.9 million, or +8.1%. 

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26.07.2017 0

Oben Holding Group Installs Second BOBST at OPP El Salvador

Oben Holding Group starts its another wide web metallizer in El Salvador which locates at their new green field plant. At the OPP Peru plant, it follows on from the installation and setup of the largest metallizer in South America. 
The purchasing decision of this new machine for OPP El Salvador taken because of the company’s strategy to get a step closer to the lucrative market of North America and to serve the growing Central American market locally for food packaging. The K5000 4450mm BOBST machine will work in parallel with two BOPP 8.7m film lines.  

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