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28.02.2018 0

Bobst Web-Fed Business unit grows by 6.9%

Bobst Group achieved consolidated sales of CHF 1 529 million in 2017, an increase of CHF 82 million, or 5.7%, compared to 2016. The operating result (EBIT) was CHF 119 million (CHF 104 million in 2016), while the net result was CHF 107 million (CHF 84 million in 2016). Net cash position increased by CHF 82 million to CHF 133 million. The return on capital employed (ROCE) increased to 23.2% compared to 19.9% in 2016 and the shareholders’ equity ratio increased to 35.6% from 33.9% in the previous year.

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28.02.2018 0

Bobst launches ECG press

With the 20seven, Bobst Bielefeld has launched a flexo press, designed for ECG printing. The press is equipped with a new locking system called triLock which is designed to enable a more stable run with less micro vibrations. Furthermore the press features an optimised ink flow system and a matrix dryer for a more even distribution of drying heat. A more detailled report will follow soon.

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14.02.2018 0

Top-tier brand owners speak on Extended Color Gamut and packaging at BOBST “20SEVEN-We make it happen” Open-House

The value of Extended Color Gamut (ECG) printing in terms of graphic quality, consistency, cost and time efficiency is widely acknowledged. However, implementing a new production methodology is a process that impacts on many organizational and operational aspects along the production chain and it is a decision that goes far beyond the acquisition of the suitable printing equipment.

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07.02.2018 0

A Breakthrough in High Metal Adhesion

The BOBST AluBond process provides high metal adhesion and surface energy levels through vacuum metallization.

A common problem is poor metal adhesion due to de-lamination

Traditional metallization, even with plasma treatment, can result in poor metal to polymer substrate bonding, this produces de-lamination which leads to packaging failure and results in product rejects and loss of reputation.


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31.01.2018 0

Harwal Group orders second BOBST 20SIX CI flexo press

In 2014, Interplast, based in Sharjah, UAE, was the first member of Harwal Group that purchased a BOBST 20SIX CI flexo press. It was the first BOBST 20SIX press in the UAE and also the first 20SIX press in the GCC which used smartGPS™ technology in the flexible packaging industry. Recently, Riyadh Plastic Factory Company (RPF), also an associated company of Harwal Group, signed a contract for a BOBST 20SIX CI flexo press to extend their capacities for the production of flexible packaging.

The BOBST 20SIX CI flexo printing press

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