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10.05.2017 0

HTI Develops Anilox for Android

HTI has made its HTI Anilox app available for Android. 
The HTI Anilox is a reference-engineering based application and its updated features include expanded formulas for printers and converters.
With no ads or in-app purchases, it aims to help users in selecting proper coating and printing supplies and materials.
HTI has made it free to download until Dec 31, 2017.

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23.02.2017 0

Zecher exhibits at ICE/CCE

Zecher will be attending again on the ICE 2017 at stand 300 in hall A6. Aside from their flexo printing applications, Zecher anilox rollers are also suitable for use in different coating machines. It may involve lacquering, siliconising, adhesives or hot-melt – the possibilities and needs of the coating sector are both diverse and demanding. Zecher offers new ideas for the flexo printer. Moreover, the anilox supplier informs about its innovative laser cleaning as a new service in its portfolio.

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26.01.2017 0

Zecher's SteppedHex anilox technology for optimised drainage

The SteppedHex technology is based on an application of the parameters of 60° engraving, while offering an alternative to it and additional benefits. SteppedHex engraving assists the printer's task with improved drainage of the anilox roller cells to deliver optimised printing results.

Zecher's cell geometry, which incorporates a special offset pattern, is subject to the corresponding German registered-design and patent protection. This optimised drainage performance achieves higher resolution and homogeneous ink-transfer, as well as making the anilox rollers easier to clean.

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12.01.2017 0

Anilox laser cleaning from Zecher

Regular deep-cleaning of operational anilox rollers is of crucial importance when it comes to high-quality printing. According to Zecher GmbH however, conventional procedures remove only part of the accumulated residues concerned. The manufacturer of anilox rollers has therefore taken up this challenge and carried out various tests in collaboration with the LaserEcoClean company. The outstanding results obtained have led to the installation of a laser cleaning system at Zecher’s site. This new facility further expands the portfolio of cleaning services offered by Zecher.

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02.01.2017 0

Zecher chalks up 12% rise in sales

The 2016 fiscal year has been a highly successful period for German anilox-roller manufacturer Zecher GmbH, with sales of EUR 22 million representing a rise of 12% with respect to the previous year’s figure.

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