Uteco informs about advancements in EB technology

On 6th of July, an Open House took place at ConverDrome. The event focused on “the current state of the art of EB technology”. The focus was on the ONYX XS EcoOne and the new inkjet project “Gaia”, that will be show at LabelExpo 2017.

The Open House hosted about one hundred customers, that followed with great interest the speeches of Ms. Elsa Callini, Business Development Manager “ebeam technology”, Mr. David French: Manager Key Accounts for “Sun Chemical and Mr. Nemaja Mikać, CEO of “Al Pack d.o.o.”, Serbia, with his testimony as user of EB technology in flexo printing.

As well as the main features of the Uteco machine, the ONYX XS EcoOne ensures high and fixed performances thanks to Uteco patented technical solutions (among which Direct Drive Evo, Kiss&Go, Thermilox and Thermowash). Furthermore Sun Chemical introduced the state of the art of EB ink with “wet on wet” technology and Ebeam Technologies explained the working principles of electron beam which consist of strew the ink layer deposited on the substrate with an electron beam to activates the reticulation (the polymerization).

The speech of Mr. Nemaja Mikać, CEO of “Al Pack d.o.o.”, also drew the attention of the customers because he is an user and developer of the eb technology, and after an accurate market survey, has chosen Uteco as partner for his next press machine, equipped with eb technology: an ONYX XS EcoOne mod. 60.

Then, the customers could be seen “first-hand” the potentialities of technology thanks to the demonstration that standed out the quality of performances and print. The machine printed on flexible material in four-color plus opaque varnish using Wetflex Sun Chemical inks, completely compatible with EB drying. The results was excellent.

Moreover a covered and inaccessible zone was dedicated to the new rotogravure machine that will be present in preview in September.

The event continued with the presentation of the new inkject project, that will be show in preview on LabelExpo 2017: Gaia, a modular inkjet digital press, flexible and easy to use, designed for the printing on flexible substrates and suitable for EB and UVLED technologies. Gaia is suitable also to face the food packaging market in a safety way, with an eye also to preserve a very low impact on the environment. Thanks to the collaboration with EB Technologies, Gaia integrates the innovative Ebeam Compact lamp in its process, allowing the complete polymerization of the inks.

At LabelExpo Uteco will introduce the entry level model, with printing speed up to 25 m/min, 720x360 dpi resolution and the opportunity to customize as much as possible the printing process, also with the addiction of traditional inline units, like the flexographic ones.