Uflex achieves low ink GSM by modifying and optimizing rotogravure cell structures

Uflex Limited after an intense R&D of almost three years has been able to optimize cell structures of laser engraved rotogravure cylinders to an extent that can actually result in about 20-25% less ink consumption than what the electro-mechanically engraved counterpart would require in order to render the same image resolution and enhancement. (In fact the printing output by a laser engraved cylinder is much enhanced and high definition compared to printing by an electro-mechanically engraved cylinder.)

Unlike Electro-mechanical engraving which produces a conventional cell shape, Laser engraving offers immense flexibility towards altering cell shapes and structures for the rotogravure cylinders. This is the fundamental reason that results in low ink GSM while printing on the substrate.


Cylinder Type Resolution Cell Depth Cell Shape Ink Consumption Saving
Electromechanically engraved 175 LPI 40 microns Conventional 53.00 Kg -
Laser engraved 175 LPI 15 microns Modified/ Optimized Honey Comb 41.06 Kg 22.51%