SCHAWK receives Flint FlexoExpert certification

Being a full service partner in the packaging industry, SCHAWK Nuremberg participated in Flint Group’s FlexoExpert Certification Programme and, in spring 2017, became an official FlexoExpert.

"Fuelled and enriched by the discussions with Flint Group experts, our participation in the FlexoExpert Certification Programme offered the opportunity to challenge and enrich our understanding of quality even further,” says Frank Brief, Customer Service Team Manager at SCHAWK Nuremberg. “The combination of a high level of expertise, along with in-depth analytical understanding, made our participation a valuable exercise which will allow us to continue providing outstanding quality for our customers,” he continues.

All of SCHAWK’s global sites will follow Nuremberg and Jülich’s lead by participating in the FlexoExpert Certification Programme. This will support the company in its aspiration to achieve a global standard and comparison.