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01.10.2015 0

Bobst produced the world’s largest vacuum metallizer

Once again, BOBST’s engineering capabilities have been put to the test due to a requirement from a customer to design and manufacture the world’s largest and widest roll-to-roll metallizer. Nearly all of the 100 strong workforce based at BOBST’s site in Heywood near Manchester, England have been involved in some degree in the project to see the General K5000 4850 metallizer from design through to completion and ready to ship to the customers site in South East Asia.

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17.09.2015 0

Toray Plastics introduces opp film for non retort pouches

Toray Plastics introduces to CPG’s and converters new TreaTear LT Series of linear-tear, polyproypylene sealant films for any type of non-retort pouch lamination, including stand-up pouches, requiring a low SIT (seal initiation temperature) and high heat-seal strength. Unique TreaTear LT films are made with Toray’s proprietary design, which delivers a precise machine-direction linear tear without a need for laser scoring, perforations, or registration.

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12.08.2015 0

Two colour copper metallisation

Holograms are known to be metallised fully or partially with aluminium or copper for full reflectance, or zinc sulphide for semi-transparent effect. However, in this new copper can have a rosy colour without the use of any inks, dyes or wet coatings. The process is dry and carried out in vacuum. When combined with partial de-metallising logos, texts, codes, serial numbers, etc can be metallised with two distinct colours; standard and rosy copper colours.

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