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30.08.2017 0

Uflex Launches New Low Opacity Polyester Film

Uflex, India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials manufacturer, has recently launched FLEXPET F-WTG-AS, a low opacity, good gloss white, anti-static twist wrap polyester film.

The product was launched in response to the need for packaging which not only protects the product but also provides stunning aesthetics to it. This will primarily cater to the candy/confectionery industry.

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03.08.2017 0

August Koehler to install paper machine for flexible packaging

Total investments amounting to half a billion Euro, with more than half of that dedicated to flexible packaging. Following the recent decision of the Supervisory Board of Papierfabrik August Koehler SE, the globally active paper specialist will have invested approximately half a billion Euro in growth by 2020. 

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24.05.2017 0

Lowest production cost per square meter with new 8-shuttle circular loom

Starlinger’s FX 8.0 circular loom for the production of heavy-duty tape fabric ranks among the leading models on the market: with 850 picks per minute it is more than 30 % faster than comparable circular looms, and it has the lowest production cost per square meter of fabric. Being the latest development in the FX loom series from Starlinger, the FX 8.0 operates with eight weaving shuttles and features a newly constructed reed.

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24.05.2017 0

Strong demand for alu foil

2017 started with strong demand for all grades of aluminium foil in European markets. Production increased to 226,900 tonnes in the first quarter of 2017, 1.5 percent higher than the same period last time, according to the latest figures released by the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA). Exports continued to be volatile, showing a downturn in Q1 compared to the previous year, after a strong finish to 2016. 

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10.05.2017 0

Cosmo Films Enhances Anti-Fog Film Properties

Cosmo Films, an India-based BOPP film manufacturer, has upgraded its anti-fog film to suit packaging a wider variety of products.
The anti-fog film is available in 15 to 40 microns thickness and is compatible for sealing on PE trays. It also comes in a Keep Fresh grade with anti-bacterial properties for longer shelf life. 
Both sides of the film are heat sealable, with printing done on the top side and anti-fogging properties on the inner side.
It complies with both EC and FDA food contact regulations.


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19.01.2017 0

Lecta installs Polytype line to increase the production capacity of metallized papers

A new coating and lacquering line made by the Swiss manufacturer Polytype was recently put into operation at the Leitza mill in Spain.  

The Polytype line has a width of 2450 mm and a max speed of 800 m/min. This will allow for increasing the production capacity of metallized papers at the Leitza mill as well as expanding the current range due to the technical advances that the machine embodies.


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21.10.2016 0

ExxonMobil introduces new performance polymers grades

ExxonMobil is expanding its Exceed XP portfolio with the introduction of two new grades. These new grades deliver performance advantages for film converters and end-users in applications that include soft-shrink and food lamination packaging film.

These grades, Exceed XP 6026 and Exceed XP 6056, provide outstanding processability with enhanced toughness, flex-crack resistance, sealability, balanced shrink performance, and good optical properties. For converters, the high melt strength of these polymers promotes greater bubble stability and improved output. 

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01.09.2016 0

Scientists developed an edible food packaging

Scientists are developing an edible packaging film made of milk proteins. They presented their work at the 252nd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

According to research leader Peggy Tomasula, D.Sc., the protein-based films are powerful oxygen blockers that help prevent food spoilage. When used in packaging, they could prevent food waste during distribution along the food chain.

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25.08.2016 0

The world’s first sealed paper packaging

According to both companies, the world's first polymerless sealed paper packaging has been developed by Bosch Packaging Technology and BillerudKorsnäs.

The new solution enables production of dust-tight packaging for dry products such as sugar, grains, flour or powders using sustainable mono-material paper.

The paper packaging is produced on the first vertical form, fill and seal machine (VFFS) with the so-called ZAP-Module. 

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18.08.2016 0

PP cement bags from Cosmo Films

Cosmo Films launched a special BOPP film for cement bags. This film is used for laminating block bottom bags made of woven polypropylene. According to Cosmo, the special film launched provides additional protection to the contents inside by adding moisture barrier, as well as enhances the print quality of the printed material making it more appealing for the consumer.

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