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21.12.2017 0

GSE donates Table Top Proofer and Ink Management Software

GSE has donated a table-top Perfect Proofer to the Tajamar School of Printing, in Madrid, Spain, to enhance the understanding of flexography, and the importance of colour, print quality and efficient production. Also donated was GSE’s Ink management software.
Tajamar offers a comprehensive educational programme with strong vocational and technology elements. The printing school continues to grow, driven by the demands of the labels and flexible packaging sectors, and has around 350 students, with an annual admission level of about 90 students.

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01.11.2017 0

Erhardt+Leimer – Review of Labelexpo Europe 2017

Erhardt+Leimer (E+L) has showcased its 200% print inspection at Labelexpo Europe 2017 and was able to sell almost 30 Smartscan camera systems for quality assurance. 

By 200% inspection, the company means that the web is inspected twice, allowing for detection of defects that are not visible using classic incident illumination. 

Some of these defects may include white unremoved matrices on a white carrier material, and defects located on the rear side of the label. 

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25.10.2017 0

Quadtech presents colour management solution

QuadTech has announced that the focus of this year’s Labelexpo Europe is the company’s extensive range of color management and defect management solutions. Visitors of the QuadTech stand will conduct live demonstrations of ColorTrackTM, QuadTech’s latest color workflow solution for packaging printers. 

Among the innovation features at the show is QuadTech’s Color Measurement with DeltaCamTM, launched at last year’s drupa. The system makes advanced, inline spectral measurement affordable to individual packaging print houses. 

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04.10.2017 0

Coating manufacturer installs a pilot coater from RK Print

DSM Resins & Coatings has installed a coating machine which combines inline priming with top coating as well as flexo and gravure printing with water based, solvent based and UV curable inks. The new VCM pilot coater replaces the company’s 35 year old RK Rotary Coater which has more than 20000 coating runs and 1000 km of film on its clock.

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20.09.2017 0

X-Rite Launches Multi-Angle Spectrophotometers

X-Rite and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, has recently announced a next-generation family of portable multi-angle spectrophotometers – The new MA-T12, a 12-angle device, and the MA-T6, a six-angle device.

The new technologies combine color imaging and multi-angle spectral measurement to quantify color, sparkle and coarseness. They also have an ergonomic design, a touch screen navigation and a real-time preview of measurement areas. Additionally, they’re also equipped with an RGB Camera and a new AutoQC software, among others.

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13.09.2017 0

Uteco and QuadTech join forces on color management technology

Uteco Converting and QuadTech announced their agreement to demonstrate the benefits of the newest color management technology. This means that Uteco will be featuring QuadTech’s recently launched ColorTrack and Color Management with DeltaCam at its ConverDrome technology demonstration facility.

The QuadTech solutions will be available for demonstration at Uteco’s “Gravure Technology Meets Innovation” open house event which will be held on September 28-29.


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20.07.2017 0

BST eltromat at LABELEXPO EUROPE 2017

BST eltromat is showcasing its comprehensive range of products at LABELEXPO EUROPE 2017 (Brussels, September 25–28) and strong position in the narrow-web market. The company will be exhibiting both proven and new solutions for web monitoring, web guiding, color measurement, 100% inspection and register control. 

For various print methods, they cover a whole range of requirements used for producing labels. 

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15.06.2017 0

GMG OpenColor 2.1 creates profiles without test charts

Color management expert GMG launches GMG OpenColor 2.1, a multichannel profiling software for packaging proofing.

GMG OpenColor 2.1 has a unique function that measures full-tone pactches from print control strip, solid patches, ot tint patches on the running printed sheet to create a profile from captured spectral data. Previous version requires a test chart to create a color profile.

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