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08.12.2016 0

Yuncheng Pakistan installs Hell K5 Smart Engraver

A HELIOKLISCHOGRAPH K5 Smart Engraver has been successfully installed in Yuncheng in Karachi, Pakistan, The Hell system allows hollow cylinder face width 100 - 1300 mm (100 - 2300 mm), circumference 200 - 1200 mm and shaft cylinder face width 100 - 1100 mm (100 - 2300 mm), incl. journals 300 - 1300 mm (380- 2620 mm), circumference 200 - 1200 mm.

HELIOKLISCHOGRAPH K5 Smart Engraver had been distributed through HELL Gravure Systems agent IR Group Pakistan.


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08.12.2016 0

Vianord introduces enhanced Evo 3 ELF and Evo 3 EDLF

Responding to savvy consumers who want to continually simplify their operations and manage their investments while responding to the market needs, Vianord Engineering developed and introduced the new Evo 3 ELF New and EDLF New. Both are intend to make any existing combined exposure, dryer and light finisher units obsolete; irrespectively of the brand or the manufacturer.

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23.11.2016 0

Esko standardises Essel Group's prepress workflow

Years ago India based Essel Propack adopted Esko's prepress and workflow solutions across its plants in India. The goal was to manage consistency in brand colours for their multinational clients. Recently, the company signed a new agreement with Esko reflecting its intention to modernize and integrate its workflow, prepress and quality practices in all their major plants located in 14 locations globally.

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21.10.2016 0

Flexoshop invests in water washable flexo plate system

Colchester based repro house and platemaker Flexoshop has moved its plate production from Flat Top Dot plates to the Asahi AWP flexographic plate system. Designed for high quality print performance, the AWP water washable plate outperforms the best digital plates currently available for flexo and produces higher quality than Flat Top Dot plates.

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22.09.2016 0

ESKO installs CDI at Clicheria Blumenau

Esko announced that Brazilian flexo repro house Clicheria Blumenau has installed Esko’s 3000th CDI. The CDI Spark 5080 flexo platemaking system with Pixel+ is the fifth Esko CDI for Clicheria Blumenau.

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18.08.2016 0

Digitally customizable flexo plate from Kodak

Having to use multiple plate types can increase inventory, decrease productivity and introduce opportunities for error. At drupa, Kodak presented new technologies that offer a practical solution to previous described issues. According to Kodak the Flexcel NX System '16 enables plate makers to digitally customize a single plate type for multiple applications. The system includes features that customize the imaged plate surface during imaging to provide optimum ink transfer capabilities for a specific application. This is due to Kodaks new Advanced Edge Definition technology.

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04.08.2016 0

Fujifilm sings Flenex FW partnership with MPH repro house

Fujifilm has signed a partnership deal with MPH. According to MPH's director Brian Cawdron Flenex FW will be a great fit for their customers. The allegedly reduced environmental impact (Flenex washes clean in simple dishwashing detergent) was of importance to MPH.  

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20.07.2016 0

Chinese company opts for Atlas slitter rewinder

Chinese BOPP producer Zhongshan Wing Ning Film Ltd has invested in a 8900 mm wide Atlas CW1040 primary slitter. 

Established in 1987, the Guangdong Province based company was one of the first BOPP film producers in China. The company produces plain, matt, heat sealable, pearlised and metalizing film. 

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