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24.01.2018 0

High Performance Vacuum Metallizing from the BOBST K5 VISION

The new BOBST K5 VISION is a compact vacuum metallizer ideal for flexible packaging converters and CPP/PE film producers.

Total Flexibility
The new K5 VISION is compact and designed to handle a wide variety of different film types including heat sensitive films and thin gauge substrates. It can run at speeds up to 840m/min, is available in widths from 1250mm to 2450mm and can house roll diameters of up to 1000mm.

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06.12.2017 0

Comexi launchs new top range laminator

Comexi launches its latest lamination technology: the Comexi ML2. 
The laminator was designed under two key concepts: versatility and the highest productivity.

This laminator can work with solvent-based, water-based or solvent-free adhesives. It provides a wide range of lamination and coating options and works with materials up to 1530 millimeters (60.2 inch) wide and at a speed of 450 meters per minute (1467.4 ft/min). Also, enables all kinds of coatings and applications such as coldseal, heatseal, ink or varnishes. 

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18.10.2017 0

Polykote purchases custom coating and laminating line

Polykote Corp custom ordered a coating and laminating line, which was featured at the ICE USA show in April 2017. The technology is now up and running, and is meeting the demands of the company. 

The new technology dramatically increased their line speed, upgraded their coating line software, and improved delivery capability, among others. 

The coating line is capable of running at 500 fpm and can handle 50” diameter input bundles at 60” wide. 

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06.09.2017 0


Clifton UK has recently bought a new Nordmecanicca Supercombi 4000 laminator, the most sold combined laminator in the world.

The machine is used for solvent based, water based and solventless based adhesives. It has vectorial drive motors and web tension control through dancing rollers.  

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28.06.2017 0

Constantia Flexibles invests in new laminating technology

Constantia Kuban, the Russian subsidiary of Constantia Flexibles, invested in a solvent triplex laminator to commemorate its 12th anniversary and to serve growing demand in the domestic food packaging industry.

With an annual capacity of 60 million meters, the machine can simultaneously glue three rolls of different types of material, using glues with a wide grammage range.

Constantia Flexibles, the world’s fourth largest producer of flexible packaging and labels, has approximately 10,000 employees manufacture tailor-made packaging solutions at 55 sites in 24 countries.

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10.05.2017 0

HP Indigo Pack Ready to have Commercial Launch

The HP Indigo Pack Ready Lamination system is scheduled to have its customer beta testing launch this summer and the shipping of its first units by the end of 2017.
Pack Ready produces laminations for the HP Indigo 20000, 8000, and WS6800 without adhesives and is designed for immediate pouch converting.
The complete solution includes the Pack Ready Laminator and the Pack Ready Film, which has a heat-activated polymer layer that reacts immediately with the Indigo ElectroInk for quick lamination.

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12.01.2017 0

Siegwerk invests in Nordmeccanica laminator

Siegwerk recently added a Nordmeccanica Labo Combi 400 laminator to its Technical Center for the business unit Flexible Packaging. The new machine adds state-of-the-art laminating capabilities to the existing testing skills at the European “Center of Competence” and therefore supports the targeted development of packaging inks under industrial or customer-realistic conditions. According to own statement, Siegwerk is one of the first printing ink manufacturers to operate its own laminator for product development and testing purposes.

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22.12.2016 0

Coating & Laminating Days at Uteco end with a sale

The two “Coating and Laminating Days” were held on the 29th and 30th of November at Uteco, with the presentation of the new coating line Mistral Wax / Hot Melt designed for paraffin processing, waxes and hot melts at temperatures up to 180° Celsius.

The machine was purchased by a major Pakistan customer: Roshan Packages, who choses Uteco Group after evaluating all the other competitors.

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