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03.09.2015 0

Polystar installs line in Russia

A Russian film makers located in Rostov has recently added the second ABA 3 layer blown film line from Taiwan based Polystar in less than half a year after the first installation. The main film products are converted into T-shirt and garbage bags. Besides the 3 layer blown film line, the film producer also adopted a film recycling machine from Polystar with the latest degassing technology Repro-Flex. The recycling machine is set up to recover film waste generated from in-house production.

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31.08.2015 0

Reifenhäuser boosts quality and flexibility

The need for barrier film is growing worldwide and so are the requirements for film properties in high-quality barrier packaging applications. Parallel to this, producers are demanding high production flexibility to serve the market with different products. Reifenhäuser Blown Film’s answer to rising performance requirements is the development of a highly flexible and efficient  
11-layer blown film line.  

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13.08.2015 0

Clear trend towards five layer lines

Macchi's POD five layer line are specifically designed for the production at high capacity rates. The manufacturer states that this concept is advantageous over three layer lines because it offers the possibility to coextrude extremely thin outer layers.

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