Zecher's SteppedHex anilox technology for optimised drainage

The SteppedHex technology is based on an application of the parameters of 60° engraving, while offering an alternative to it and additional benefits. SteppedHex engraving assists the printer's task with improved drainage of the anilox roller cells to deliver optimised printing results.

Zecher's cell geometry, which incorporates a special offset pattern, is subject to the corresponding German registered-design and patent protection. This optimised drainage performance achieves higher resolution and homogeneous ink-transfer, as well as making the anilox rollers easier to clean.

Jörg Rohde, Zecher’s Head of Applications Technology, is pleased at the response from the printing industry: “Sales of our SteppedHex anilox rollers have grown three-fold since the launch at last year’s Drupa show, and our customer feedback is consistently positive. As more and more printers are expressing their interest in the possible range of deployment of SteppedHex technology as an alternative to conventional hexagonal engraving, we expect this innovative technique to become a more firmly established part of the market.”