KBA-Flexotecnica gave a presentation at Chespa's symposium

On November 23, during the 20th Polygraphic Anniversary Symposium of Chespa, the solutions offered by the KBA subsidiary KBA-Flexotecnica were presented. The industry events organized by Chespa Symposia have long been a part of the polygraphy. This year's anniversary edition has gathered nearly 500 guests from around the world.

Maria Costantino of KBA-Flexotecnica  talked about packaging for biscuits that was printed and finished on KBA-Flexotecnica machines on the occasion of the anniversary of Chespa. The order was produced with the machine EVO XD, with application of Chespa watercolors and digital flexo plates from Dupont, and then additionally laminated with the device EVOLAM. The packaging was produced at the KBA Flexotecnica plant, with close cooperation from Chespa and KBA CEE. The packaging for biscuits has been produced with the  Extended Color Gamut 7-color printing on PET 12 with waterbased inks, which was then laminated with metallized foils OPP on the solvent-free laminating machine.