Food packaging Europe - Market study

Ceresana has published a study that examines the European market for food packaging. Beverages are not considered. The analysis includes packaging made of plastics, paper and cardboard (including corrugated board), metal and glass. The demand for food packaging will be analyzed for 12 applications (Bakery and Pastry, Ready-Made Meals, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Chilled and Frozen Food, etc.) and 16 types of packaging (such as films, bags, cans, caps and closures). The market for plastic food packaging for the 8 countries with the largest sales volume will be divided into individual types of plastic (polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, and other plastics). The study also considers secondary and transport packaging which is used as the outer packaging and for transporting food. Ceresana expects the European market for food packaging to reach a volume of 38.2 million tonnes in 2022.