Digital production from start to finish shown live at Xeikon Café 2018

At this year’s Xeikon Café Exhibition and Conference (20 to 23 March in Belgium), nearly 40 leading industry suppliers will be showing live demonstrations of a comprehensive range of creative label & packaging applications. These demos will add a practical, real-life dimension to the concepts and ideas discussed during the technical Academy sessions and Conference presentations. The applications are the result of industry suppliers integrating solutions, in order to help visitors understand true end-to-end digital production and visualise how digital technologies could impact their businesses.

“Xeikon Café is the only industry event, where complete end-to-end digital production is demonstrated live,” says Danny Mertens of Xeikon Café. “The nearly 40 suppliers exhibiting at the event are leaders in their respective field – including software, print media, consumables, digital printing and finishing solutions. They will not, however, simply show their own products, but by working together demonstrate what can be achieved by fully integrating solutions for label and packaging production.”


“Our aim is to be an open and objective industry event. Everyone with an interest in digital production is invited to attend, no matter the segment they are active in. We will be showing applications for food, pharma, household, beverages, health & beauty, amongst others”, Mertens continues. “We strive to be as technology agnostic as possible. Our focus is very much on creating a setting that educates and inspires people, in line with our theme ‘Learn. Connect. Discover’. Visitors should come away from the event with concrete ideas as to how they might benefit from implementing new packaging applications in their own businesses.”