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05.12.2015 0

Why not convert emissions into savings?

The reduction of greenhouse gases to stop the global warming with all its consequences on humanlife is a major challenge for mankind. The growing printing industry has been and is still contributing to the increasing production of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitted to the atmosphere. 

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15.10.2015 0

Soma on how to economically print short runs

The trend towards efficient printing a greater variety of jobs, shorter runs and smaller package formats, and withstanding the price pressure will continue. Short runs mean many change overs, which means unproductiveness. In times with increasing pressure from emerging markets, alternative printing processes, and rising material costs, flexo printers cannot afford to not run the press longer than necessary. The biggest time consuming tasks between two jobs are or have been changes of printing forme, ink, substrate, getting into register, and most of all colour matching.

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07.10.2015 0

This is a totally false statement!

Why do you promote a fixed colour palette and what are the requirements for the printer?


Fixed colour printing is the natural evolution of Flexo , the industry can not simply continue as previously due to new technologies like Digital and Hybrid versions of printing. This has been instrumental in changing the way brands are looking to buy their packaging.


Fixed palette uses all the generic benefits of Flexo and utilises the efficiency benefits seen through the newer forms of printing.


What does a printer require?

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