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06.12.2017 0

Gateway improved OEE by 53% thanks to Asahi AWP

Asahi Photoproducts reported that Tennessee-based Gateway Packaging Company has chosen to partner with Asahi Photoproducts and its North American Distributor CTGA after an exhaustive benchmarking process in its search for an improved platemaking process. Gateway operates three manufacturing locations serving the United States and Canada and produces packaging for consumer packaged goods manufacturers and industrial packaging for the food, agricultural, chemical and charcoal industries.

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03.08.2017 0

Moving forward through continuous investment

Poly Print was established 25 years ago armed only with a single press, a mounter, a laminator, and about 15 employees. Through continuous investment, relentless hard work, and always staying on the forefront of the ever-changing flexo industry’s needs, the company has grown exponentially to become a force to be reckoned with on a national scale. Today, Poly Print offers a wide range of quality services that included high-quality flexographic printing, adhesive lamination, pouch converting, and a wide range of alternative solutions to packaging.

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03.08.2017 0

Wide-web flexo for short runs

While more and more people are taking digital printing into account for printing short-run jobs, a Dutch family-run company did the math and came to the conclusion that wide-web flexo is the best solution. Flexible Packaging Technology met with the Van Kesteren brothers to talk about the decision-making process.

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25.11.2016 0

Benny Landa - Exclusive Interview

What is the state of development of nano printing right now?

We have developed a system called Active Quality Management (AQM) that scans every single pixel of every single image.

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06.10.2016 0

Addressing metering challenges of white inks

written by Dave Southall, Daetwyler 

All professional printers eventually come up against the metering challenges of white inks. Throughout the industry, white inks are notorious for being inconsistent and requiring frequent changing of doctor blades often. The longer a doctor blade lasts, the more expensive it is in many cases. Weighing the cost of a doctor blade vs. the cost of press downtime is as issue printers and coaters deal with constantly. The issue with metering white inks is actually a little more complicated than just buying the right blade.

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25.08.2016 0

What Flexography still needs on its way to a fully industrialised process

Flexography has developed tremendously and has deserved to be the worldwide dominating packaging printing process that it is today. Despite of that it has to take a number of steps still in order to develop a fully industrialised production process. This appears to be necessary in light of the author´s vision of the future of packaging printing.

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09.03.2016 0

Retrofit of a 40 year old gravure printing press

Significantly reduced waste and higher printing quality in combination with improved user friendliness and freedom in development of new designs – Forbo Novilon has used mechanical redesign and state-of-the-art automation technology to raise the performance of its 40-year-oldgravure printing machine for PVC flooring to a new level. Moreover, it also proved possible for the safety of the employees to be increased and adapted to today's needs.

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07.01.2016 0

About the benefits of fixed colour palette printing

With brand owner and retailer focus continuing to be placed on cost reduction and improved efficiency, all eyes are on the potential that fixed colour palette printing brings and what it can deliver for the large brands. But it’s not as simple as many might think. Many large flexible packaging companies promote the idea, but very few are actually delivering the solution effectively on a large scale.



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08.12.2015 0

Offset CI has become an established technology

In 2013, Comexi Group has reached an agreement with SP Group for the sale of the Comexi OFFSET CI8 machine. The printing press is now installed and Flexible Packaging Technology had the chance to speak to the CEO about the installation.

You were the second customer of the Offset CI press. What made you decide for this new technology at such an early stage

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